seeping azures and such

a mélange

It’s a good feeling,

This twisting, loosening


As my joints rotate and my

Muscles tighten

Blood surges and my breath

Is quick and dry

It’s a good feeling,

This burn.


Teeth press hard,

let up

There’s a hard, quick sound

of something breaking 

The chocolate,

cradled on my tongue,

becomes rounded

and smooth

Its edges blur

like old blackandwhite


I know this taste

but it surprises me anyway

Warm hints of coffee

or sweet, clear mint

or suddenly salty, brief


And then it’s gone

We want to feel safe.

It’s intriguing that

there is safety in


But also safety in


Cameras are our

shiny, hard

force fields

against terror

and others

who would judge

But their shutters blink—

They’re coolly watching all of us—





We’re obsessed with

mirrors and reflections

But they are actually

opposites of who we are

So if you think “God,

why can’t I be different?”

You already are.

Today I looked at myself in the mirror with

an indifferent attitude

I’d seen this all before

Then I looked at that image backwards

and I liked it a lot

I felt like I didn’t know this person; she was

like me, but more interesting

Her eyebrows were quirky

and then I smiled

and she smiled back.

Happy New Year to all, and to all a good morning. Harold and Maude is such a sweet movie, and definitely worth watching in the first wee hours of the new year. 


Diane - Generative & procedural gif(t)


Diane - Generative & procedural gif(t)


How can we conceive

Of ambiguous azures

Bluer than the sea?

photo (c) curledclouds
I really like the blue of the sky, especially with the reddish buildings and the way the clouds are lit…
Arles, France.
photo (c) curledclouds
Cassis, France. Right before we went on a boat ride to see the calanques. Best day in France.
(By the way, I haven’t edited any of the photos I’ve posted on tumblr. I felt like cropping this one slightly, but - no.)
photo (c) curledclouds